Vascular Cures Research Summits

Game-changing collaborations are often prevented by silos, fragmented expertise, and competition. Vascular Cures is overcoming these barriers by bringing together stakeholders across vascular health for shared brainstorming and collaborative projects.

In 2014, we hosted the first Vascular Innovation Summit in San Francisco, bringing together leaders from 17 organizations representing healthcare providers, researchers, industry, investors and regulators. They identified the need for patient-reported outcomes data as a powerful way to improve both vascular research and healthcare decision-making. These discussions led to the creation of Project Voice, an innovative digital health management platform focused on improving vascular outcomes through patient engagement.

Venous Discussion

In 2016, we hosted the inaugural Vascular Research Summit as a forum for leading vascular surgeon-scientists in North America to share ideas, resources and data in a confidential forum. Fifty-six surgeon-scientists from 31 leading academic medical centers convened to identify unmet scientific needs and launch the Collaborative Patient-Centered Research (CPCR) Grants Program. This new program is designed to stimulate high-impact projects which are multi-institutional, create research assets that can be shared, and generate milestones within 1 – 2 years. Learn more here.

Future summits will engage innovators across the vascular care-to-cure continuum, identifying unmet needs and devising novel ways to truly transform the future of vascular health.