Programs Overview


Fragmentation and competition are preventing better patient outcomes. Vascular Cures represents the millions of people suffering from or at risk for vascular diseases for which there are inadequate treatment options. We are committed to transforming vascular health by being the catalyst for collaborations that accelerate new solutions.

As an unbiased non-profit without proprietary interests, Vascular Cures can be an "honest broker" to create win:win collaborative initiatives. We are committed to filling the gaps that currently prevent rapid development and deployment of patient solutions.

We've already built one collaborative platform to accelerate discovery and clinical trials for new treatments for vascular disease, the Vascular Cures Research Network (VCRN).

Unlike government or large bureaucracies, we're fast and flexible to support the different players who have a say in vascular health: patients, healthcare systems, vascular specialists, insurers, regulators, and the companies who develop new products.

For over thirty years, we have transformed vascular care through patient centered research and healthcare. To learn more about our strategic approach to vascular health click hereOur programs encourage innovation to enable all people to enjoy vascular health: To learn more about our strategic approach to vascular health click here. We've built a unique platform for innovation through three main programs:

• Project VOICE is a patient-centered digital-health program which will transform outcomes in peripheral artery disease (PAD). Learn more here.

• The Vascular Cures Research Network is a consortium of medical centers contributing biosamples and data to create a powerful and unique research asset to accelerate development of diagnostics and therapies. Learn more here.

• The Wylie Scholar Program is crucial to sustainable medical innovation by funding early career vascular surgeon-scientists who bring the challenges of their clinical practice to the process of researching new treatments. Learn more here.

• The Vascular Cures Research Summit is a new initiative and grant program that leverages our existing programs and assets to accelerate discovery. Vascular Cures seeks to identify high priority areas of unmet scientific need, suitable for innovative pilot projects (1-2 year duration) that could have a rapid impact on the field of vascular medicine/surgery. Learn more here.

Education and AwarenessVascular disease can strike anyone, at any age, at any time. It often strikes without warning. Symptoms may not appear until it is limb or life threatening. Learn more about the many vascular diseases and their risk factors here.