Patient Education Materials

VDF has a variety of patient resources that are peer reviewed by our scientific advisory board. They are science based and non-biased to provide your patients with trustworthy educational materials on vascular disease.

The What is Vascular Disease? section of this website provides extensive disease information for consumers, and includes links to the disease-related educational flyers available (included in the list below).

Keeping in Circulation: VDF published a patient magazine called “Keeping in Circulation” through fall 2011/winter 2012. If you would like to access archive copies that are full of educational information, click the link below.

Keeping in Circulation Archive

VDF publishes several educational flyers that you may download in PDF format to print in your office. If you would like for VDF to print on your behalf in quantity for a small printing and shipping charge, please contact us at

Educational Flyers Available

Disease-Specific Flyers

Related Educational Flyers