PAD Exercise Training Toolkit

pad-exercise-training-toolkitpad-rehab-toolkitThis toolkit was developed to allow cardiac rehabilitation and other exercise and rehabilitation health care professionals to work within their communities to improve access to supervised exercise programs for people with intermittent claudication resulting from peripheral artery disease (PAD). Clinical practice guidelines and performance measures for adults with PAD stress the importance of supervised exercise to improve functional capacity, decrease symptoms and achieve systemic risk-reduction benefits.

The toolkit includes information for exercise and rehabilitation professionals to implement appropriate and safe supervised exercise programs. It also includes practical tools such as sample brochures plus participant and staff education materials. This toolkit was developed jointly by the Vascular Disease Foundation (VDF) and the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR).

 Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Rationale for Exercise Training in People with PAD
  • Chapter 2: Differential Diagnosis
  • Chapter 3: Pathophysiology and Evidenced-Based Guidelines
  • Chapter 4: Medical Clearance for Exercise
  • Chapter 5: Pre-Exercise Evaluation of Functional Cardiovascular Response
  • Chapter 6: Design of the PAD Exercise Training Program
  • Chapter 7: Interventional Treatment for PAD
  • Chapter 8: Outcomes Evaluation
  • Chapter 9: Administrative Considerations for Developing a PAD Exercise Training Program
  • Chapter 10: Resources for Healthcare Professionals
  • Chapter 11: Staff Education Materials
  • Chapter 12: Sample Marketing Materials
  • Chapter 13: Resources for Patients
  • Thank You: Acknowledgements
  • Downloadable PDF of the complete Toolkit
  • Downloadable PPT slide set