Roundtable Membership

VDF’s Corporate Roundtable provides a forum for dialog between industry and the nation’s top thought leaders in the vascular arena. Formal communications will occur during two face-to-face meetings and at least one conference call where member organizations discuss critical issues in vascular disease and the challenges of educating the public and healthcare providers about them. In addition, there is an open door policy for Roundtable members who are encouraged to reach out to the Foundation’s executive staff on a regular basis with questions and ideas.

Roundtable members brainstorm and strategize with the Foundation’s leadership on how to elevate the national conversation and concern about vascular disease in general, and specifically PAD and DVT/PE, with diabetic related conditions to follow soon. Members have specific opportunities to participate in work groups for peripheral artery disease and/or venous disease, and to join either the PAD Coalition or the Venous Disease Coalition where they can become active in advocacy, education and awareness efforts.

Membership is open to valued corporate partners for $30,000 annually.

For more information on Corporate Roundtable membership, contact VDF’s development department at or 443-261-5564.